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Welcome to Breathe Cycle & Yoga Studio

Welcome to the EVOLUTION of Saskatoon's fitness industry. Breathe Cycle & Yoga Studio, offering a DIVERSE & unique blend of CYCLING and YOGA to MOVE YOU & compliment YOUR fitness journey!



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  • Our Manifesto

    BREATHE is simply a reminder of what’s INSIDE us ALL! It is our ESCAPE into a MOMENT. It exists inside ALL of US! A unique MULTI-PLANER “un-stationary bike” is our “TOOL” to strengthen US ALL from the skin-inward.
    The “Garden”, our studio inside BREATHE, is to be used as a SPECIAL ROOM to LEAD people and HELP them grow! DIVERSITY of teaching skills, styles, intensity levels, angles, edges, & EVEN philosophies BRINGS balance when addressing the diverse & varied NEEDS of ALL who partake.
    Our individual backgrounds, formal training & varied teaching styles allow us ALL to simply bring the BEST of EACH MOMENT that has led us HERE. Being FREE to experience & create “through GREAT MUSIC & POSITIVE COACHING” a challenging & intense physical EXPERIENCE that will be REMEMBERED!! While ALWAYS being mindful of the VARIED & DIVERSE fitness levels of our students in the Garden, our TEACHERS remind US ALL that WE are in COMPLETE CONTROL….WE can ALWAYS back off…..WE can ALWAYS turn the tension DOWN….at times WE ALL MUST!! But we can ALSO TURN IT UP!!!!
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