Meet the Creators of Breathe


When people find others on a complimentary path & feel DEEPLY about the alignment of their GOALS, their EFFORTS & PASSION multiplies when blended together!

Power couples, Clay & Cheryl Sparks along with Dorman & Shantel Baltazar, co-created BREATHE Cycle Studio from a deep & common belief in the power that lies dormant within EACH being. The outside world creates such a massive distraction for our minds & overall health & fitness OFTEN takes a back seat! By creating a unique space, with positive & passionate teachers sharing their AMAZING ENERGY with our STUDENTS, we DESIRE this experience to be YOUR opportunity to RE-CONNECT & RE-IGNITE your inner-spark!!


Clay Sparks


Clay is an extremely passionate individual who finds his drive from the creative expression of his diverse interests. His experience in entrepreneurial ventures, along with his brand & marketing mindset, led to the creation of Breathe Cycle Studio as a place for people to grow…to go “inside”…to push themselves & to allow themselves to BE pushed! Clay’s vision, along with his ability to attract the “right” people to get on the bus…..inspires the greatest teachers in Saskatoon to “get REAL” & build a following…all with one simple instruction……breathe.




Cheryl Sparks


Cheryl is an unexpected ROCKSTAR when it comes to indoor cycling. Formally trained as a Neo-Natal Intensive Care Nurse, fitness has always been a personal aspect of Cheryl’s life. However, in 2008, after falling in love with her local spin classes, she decided to take the teacher training. WELL…needless to say…a ROCKSTAR was BORN! Her passion, personality, & intensity is so powerful you can’t help but ATTEMPT to keep up & push yourself harder than you EVER thought possible. Cheryl is a master at helping you bring out that “beast under your bed”!




Dorman Baltazar


Dorman is a fun-loving human BE-ING who is passionate about navigating the unknown in reconnecting with the flow of THE BREATH. His experience as an athlete, racing bikes in California, inspired in him a life-long passion for RIDING! When the UNIVERSE presented the opportunity to ALIGN & create Breathe Cycle Studio, Dorman’s experience & ZENERGY was an INTEGRAL ingredient! He also teaches breath awareness, yoga and mindfulness meditation. Dorman’s vision, along with his willingness to be IN SERVICE to a higher sweat creates an authentic & DEEP connection with everyone he meets.




Shantel Baltazar


Shantel brings a sense of CALM and BALANCE in some of life’s most challenging situations. Teaching Power Yoga with a highly meditative foundation, she guides her students to confidently BRING IT ON while FLOWING through their practice. Shantel met Dorman (husband) when the two were taking yoga teacher training, and they discovered their shared passions for cycling, climbing, trail running & meditation.