BREATHE Cycle & Yoga Studio celebrates DIVERSITY!  WE WELCOME ALL who have a PASSION for moving to MUSIC & honouring their bodies through the practise of Yoga. 

If you’re a grunter, a heavy-breather, or if you sometimes feel a need to GROWL or SCREAM…you are MORE THAN WELCOME to share your energy with us!!

WE can’t wait to hear from you!!  Share your essence & desire to HELP people GROW from the skin-inward! 

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We are always looking to align with amazing people!

Align with great people who believe in UNAPOLOGETIC authenticity!

Teachers at Breathe Cycle & Yoga Studio are paid as independent contractors who have simply found an ideal & aligned facility to FREELY build a following. You MAY already teach somewhere else…you MAY NOT teach anywhere at all…YET….BUT if you think that Breathe Cycle & Yoga Studio might sound like a great place to explore & share your passionate energy, PLEASE follow your intuition and fill out the information below!!
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