Wholistic Fitness Bootcamp! 

“Wholistic Fitness Bootcamp” is a unique & balanced approach to training your body, mind & spirit. It is a 30 day challenge (opportunity) that involves 3 days of training per week.  There is a main foundation of bootcamp-style RealRyder indoor Cycling, YOGA, Strength and Conditioning, along with an interwoven blend of meditation work & simple nutrition guidance.

Training will be Monday / Wednesday / Friday @ 5:30 AM - 6:30 AM

5 main “fitness disciplines” make up the limbs of our “Wholistic” approach:

Strength Training - “Gym workouts” are called by a number of terms: weight training, weightlifting, resistance training, etc.  The term “strength training” is a more powerful message for our MINDS & is KEY to the long-term health of our psyche.  Our sub-conscious is ALWAYS listening.  Strength training builds healthy lean tissue and deeply engraves into our posture a physical poise & presence that carries us as we age.  True balance in personal fitness mandates weighted & resistance-based training.    

Cardio - Cardio is any activity that elevates your heart rate and keeps it elevated consistently for at least 20 minutes.  It is an amazing activity for strengthening your heart, your lungs, your core & your mind.  AS you push through cardiovascular activity you find yourself needing to go INSIDE & control your thoughts, which, in-turn, cause your body to keep going!  The RealRyder bike is an AMAZING tool to push your cardio endurance & strengthen your core.

Yoga - Appropriately, Yoga is positioned midway through the Fitness Disciplines.  We consider it the balancing act of all fitness endeavors.  Yoga is an endless practice of physical & mental expansion.  It is used to prevent and heal injury, by enhancing muscular & joint flexibility.  It is also used to improve our mental fitness by heightening concentration, aiding our mental quietness, and positively contributing to our emotional stability.    Cycling and Yoga will be delivered as ONE- 90min session on Wednesdays @6AM @ Breathe Cycle Studio.

Meditation - Meditation lies at the heart of Wholistic Fitness.  It is the MESH that binds all of the fitness disciplines together.  Meditation, in its simplest definition is “training the mind”.  A mind that has been stabilized through meditation is NOT likely to get stressed out over missed workouts, or lagging energy in the middle of the afternoon, or a bossy co-worker. Instead, we stay PRESENT & ACCEPT it ALL as a teaching of inner elegance, and ENJOY what IS.  

Nutrition - Most Trainers & Fitness Professionals discuss nutrition with their clients in terms of grams, calories, and cholesterol levels as though our bodies were machines.  Comparing our body to a machine shows LITTLE appreciation for the body’s wisdom & dishonors our innate transformational capacities.  A balanced approach to nutrition is ALWAYS simple, tasteful, & joyful.  Proper “food-combining” is nothing more than learning to eat foods that are EASIEST to digest.  OVER-EATING is the single largest factor of poor health & disease.  It is ALWAYS best to push ourselves AWAY from the dinner table while still SLIGHTLY hungry.  

** The BOOTCAMP involves 1 day of  RealRyder Indoor Cycling, Power Yoga (Heated Garden), and Strength and Conditioning training per week.  Our trainers bring a DIVERSE background of experience & passion that will PUSH you, support you, make you feel successful & also help you break through your own perceived barriers & limitations.