Torque pro 1.8 199 apk download

Torque pro 1.8 199 apk download

torque pro 1.8 199 apk download

To enjoy all these benefits, the user can Download Torque Pro Apk 1.8.199. Torque Pro (OBD 2 & Car) 1.8.199 APK. Download APK (13.4 MB). Use HappyMod to download Mod APK with 3x speed. APK Info. Version 1.8.199. If you want an Android and iOS application who can check your car aur your bike performance and diagonal, so torque pro APK is one of the. torque pro 1.8 199 apk download

Changes in 1.10.120 (current beta track)
* Fixes for issue caused by Android 11

Changes in 1.10.112
* Fix issue with fault log theme
* Updates to distance to empty calculation
* Improvements to Trip View activity to replace a missing function
* USB has been updated to be more ‘plug and play’
* Fix a couple of theme issues with black text on a dark background
* All displays updated to show ‘not ready’ when the ECU reports a sensor is not ready
* Fix a problem in logging
* Fix Infinity ‘max’ in Trip View

Changes in 1.10.107
* Fix for trip uploading not uploading user units if a ‘%’ was one of the units
* New trips website (part of the app update due to changes also needed in the app) – maps fixed, graphs work with user added and app added sensors, faster server. ‘id’ login will be retired at this point in favour of email based user logins (the ID system isn’t as secure), plus use of SSL.
* Rewrite of permissions requests (API changes required in Android 9 onwards)
* Updated launcher icon that follows googles new ‘adaptive icons’ gudelines
* Updates for API26+ handling for third party plugins
* Improvements to rendering speed of gauges and also small bugfix causing rendering speed to slow down on some ART configurations
# Due to the way in Android O+ limits background services, third party PID plugins will need to update to take this into account on newer platforms – mainly any AIDL service should be started with startForegroundService where possible (I will release an updated example plugin in a couple of days with the relevant changes)
* Refreshed trips activity to use the new google maps API

Changes in 1.8.203

* Small bugfix in profile loading seen on some devices
* Change for Google API updates in the Google Play Developer console

Changes in 1.8.202
* Workaround for small issue in older android 6 handsets due to OS bug
* Improve the Vechicle profile screen a bit so it is easier to parse
* Can override fuel level pid
* Improved poll rate for user defined PIDs
* Fix a theme issue with dials using the long pid format (0x7ffffffe)

Changes in 1.8.199
* Fixed issue saving fault code lists
* Added Android device battery level pid
* Added link to PID editor from dashboard screen in display configuration when the display is linked to a user created PID
* J1939 support for large vehicles (Busses, Boats, Plant equipment, etc) – Select the protocol from the vehicle profile settings to use it
* Update to fix some non-obd compliant nissan ECUs as well as others ECUs that may cause to report \’No PIDs available\’
* Totaliser (and averaging, etc) equations now have the ability to save their \’learned\’ data as part of the PID definition
* Fix difficult to reproduce hang in profile activity when exiting and the handset has a problematic bluetooth driver
* Added IEEE-754 float functions – 4 byte FLOAT32(A:B:C:D) and 8 byte FLOAT64(A:B:C:D:E:F:G:H)
* Added 16 & 32bit unsigned int function – INT16(A:B) and INT32(A:B:C:D) – INT16(A:B) can be used in place of (A*255)+B
* {A:1} bitwise operator notation deprecated and replaced with BIT(A:1) function
* PID editor now keeps the screen on when editing (and more importantly, when using the the ‘test’ button)
* Added LOOKUP() and CLOSEST() functions (documentation to appear in wiki shortly)
* Fixed a crash in the graphing activity when used with android versions less than 3
* Added INT24(A:B:C) function (in next beta update)
* Update tile server with fresh maps (map widget)
* Scale map widget graphic up on high dpi handsets
* Fix temperature notification message not resetting
* Fix ANR when power-disconnected received (in-dashboard settings)
* Change to point at new theme server
* Add support for generic BLE serial connections
* Add new extended information activity to adapter information screen
* Fix a centering problem with text on a few screens
* Added MAX(x:y) and MIN(x:y) functions. Max returns the greater of x or y, and min returns the smaller of x or y
* Fix titles in O2 graph display showing wrong title (stuck on sensor one) when in fact it was showing a different sensor
* Update the ‘choose bluetooth device’ dialog to be more intuitive and easier to see when you have a lot of bluetooth devices paired (or BLE devices in range)
* Equation editor no longer shows the error popup over the currently editing area if the equation is multi-line
* ‘Add Display’ menu now uses more decimal places for some PIDs(sensors) when previewing to avoid rounding
* Updated status icons in starting screen
* Add drag coefficient to vehicle profile settings (advanced)
* Add vehicle ‘type’ to vehicle profile settings
* Add different icons for trucks, minivans, bikes, boats, plant, etc
* Update adapter benchmark activity with new options and graphs
* Fix a timeout issue with the new BLE code
* UI updates to the vehicle profile

Changes in 1.8.178
* Updated bluetooth adapter selection process to prevent a hang
* Fix for hang on screen resume
* Workaround for KiwiBLE device scan hanging in the app settings on some devices
* Trip reset no longer resets long term mpg average
* Fix Twitter logging support
* Fix issue where app would incorrectly warn no bluetooth device was paired when a WiFi, USB, or TTY device was being used
* No longer allows auto scanning for dtcs when using the Ford bugged ECU workaround option in the settings to prevent triggering the ECU bug in a small number of year 2001 F1/250s
* Added M3D ECU extended PIDs to PID editor


Torque pro 1.8 199 apk download

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