Download supermind year 1

Download supermind year 1

download supermind year 1

MATERIALS FOR YEAR 1 & YEAR 2 (2018) BASED ON SUPER MINDS STUDENT'S BOOK 1. UNIT 0 – FRIENDS. 08.01.2020 - Super Minds Level 1 Student's Book with DVD-ROM(​9780521148559).pdf: An exciting, seven-level course that enhances young learners' thinking. Teacher's book and Audio track for CEFR Super Minds Year 1 & Year 2 Click and download.

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Download supermind year 1
Download supermind year 1
Download supermind year 1
Download supermind year 1


The game principal is well known from Master Mind: Behind a cover there is a secret code consisting of four colors. To detect it, you need a little bit luck and good combinational skill.

In each row try four colors. When you have done so, your trial will be rated: For every correctly set color you get a black pin, for every right color on the wrong position you get a white one.

So you know, how many correct colors you've found, but not which colors and on which position! Try different colors and combine the result to finally find the secret code!

Train your mind with this entertaining game!


Version 2.0


Release Date

November 07, 2014


6.1 MB

What's new

  • Completely rewritten.
  • New icon.
  • Game state saved on exit.


OS X 10.9 or later, 64-bit processor


English, Afrikaans, French, German, Italian, Norwegian


Download supermind year 1

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